Radius Case for iPhone 5 (Hands-on Review)


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This is the Radius case for iPhone 5. It’s a very simple design, but it definitely looks cool.

The Good

It’s an amazing case for those who want a low profile case. In other words, if you don’t want bulk, or something that screams “I’m a case, and I’m covering your iPhone 5!” This is more for you. It protects where it needs to, and helps keep your iPhone from taking too much of a beating.

In the past, most of the lower profile cases we’ve used tend to cause some problems with signal. We get some attenuation and it can be annoying in areas that already have poor service. However, this one didn’t give us any sort of problem like that. That’s always a plus, obviously.

We actually experienced a real-world example of how this can work. The iPhone 5 we tested it on fell on concrete from 6 ft. It landed right on the corner, but nothing happened to the iPhone. The aluminum corner of the case did get scratched however, indicating that it did its job.

Radius case_2

The Bad

The case may make it difficult to use some accessories. Things like that. Also, you will need a tool to remove the case. That comes with its positive and negative. The positive obviously being that the case won’t slip off, but the negative being the inconvenience of having to remove it when you do need to pop it off. This happened to us when we were out of battery power, and a friend had a slide-in battery case to give us a little bit of a charge. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the tool and couldn’t remove it. We had to deal with a dead battery.



Overall, we really enjoyed this case. It’s well-desigend, and we normally have a car charger for situations where we need the extra juice. It’s definitely a cool one. At $69.99 this may seem like quite the price for a minimalist case, but keep in mind that this is very sturdy, and it’s made of metal.


You can see it here.


Disclosure: iSmashPhone received a free review case from the makers, BiteMyApple


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