Report: Apple Testing iPhones With 6-inch Screens

iPhone 5_white_black

According to a new report, Apple is testing an iPhone with a larger, much larger screen. If the Wall Street Journal’s report is accurate, and it pretty much always is, the company is testing out handsets with a larger screen.

This isn’t really a surprise. Handsets with larger screens are popular, and Apple’s iPhone 5 increased the screen size to 4 inches. However, it’s important to know that Apple often tests products that may or may not ever go into market.

In the past, Apple tested out larger iPads. We don’t know if those will happen, either. Regardless, Apple is always testing out various devices and various device sizes to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember when Steve Jobs mentioned that the company had tried touchscreen laptops? We haven’t seen these. It was just Apple testing out different input methods to see what works best.

While it’s entirely possible that these handsets can become a reality for Apple, we should just remember that the company may be testing out hardware.

[Wall Street Journal via MacLife]

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