Report: Over Half of iOS Users Are Using iOS 7

iOS 7 user adoption

According to data from Mixpanel, a mobile analytics firm, iOS 7 adoption is at around 60 percent eight days after its public debut.

Chitika, another analytics firm, says that more than 51 percent of North American web traffic from iOS users is coming from those on system 7. This is a faster adoption rate than iOS 6, which it says was in use by about 47 percent of users after the first week.

It’s worth noting that not all of these are software updates. There are many people buying their first iPhone, or who were simply replacing their older models and are using a device that shipped with iOS 7. Still good news for Apple, as it just means a bunch of people bought new iPhones.

Still, that’s a lot of devices running iOS 7. Somewhere around 200 million, according to Apple.

[via Forbes]

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