Rumor: China Telecom Leaks iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Photos

iPhone 5S iPhone 5C

It’s hard to tell if this is accurate, but the account is verified as China Telecom on Weibo. However, it’s impossible to know if this is just some sort of mock-up or placeholder-type thing posted by Telecom, or if it depicts actual photos of the next generation of iPhones.

They quickly removed the post, but not before a Wall Street Journal writer grabbed it. Now it’s all over the internet for us to see. Still, it’s very possible that the carrier simply created a mock-up using the iPhone 5 and just called it an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. We don’t know what it looks like.

It’s not clear whether this was an accident, or whether it was done purposely to hype things up, either.

We should know by Tuesday though.

[via Gizmodo

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