Rumor: iPad Event Slated for October 15?

iPad mini in hand

Apple will likely announce the new line of iPads and iPods next month. At least that’s what the rumors say, and it makes sense as it’s the usual Apple announcement season.

The rumor is that Apple will host an event on October 15 in which it will announce the new tablets. We expect to see the iPad 5 and its thinner bezel alongside a Retina-equipped iPad mini. This is also likely when Apple will announce release dates for the new Mac Pro and any of its other devices or computers due for an upgrade.

That said, the original source, MacGeneration, is known for being hit or miss. It’s not always right, but it’s not always wrong. Still, the device is due for an upgrade this year, and October would be one of the best times. Unless Apple aims for very early November, which is possible, but cutting it close to the holiday season.

Regardless, it seems more like a guess based on Apple’s past announcement schedule.

[via CultofMac]

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