Rumor: iPhone 5C May Cost Up to $450 (Really?)

iPhone 5C rumored shot

We don’t believe this one yet. If the rumor is accurate, wherever the source is from, it would probably be bad news for Apple. Some estimates, estimates being the operative word here, say that the iPhone 5C may cost up to $450. That’s pricey for a “budget iPhone.”

This is what we’re hearing from Forbes, but it just sounds much more expensive than we think consumers looking for a budget device would want to pay.

The iPhone 5C is rumored to be the cost-effective alternative to the iPhone. If it still costs nearly $500, that’s much more than a budget device, especially when you compare it to many of the budget Android devices that are on the market.

Again, the good news is that we should find out in a few days. Then all these rumors will be laid to rest. We won’t have to hear another iPhone rumor for at least a few weeks. But we will have to prepare for the slew of iPad rumors that are on the way.

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