Rumor: Leaked iPhone 5S Home Buttons Lends Credibility to Fingerprint Sensor Reports

Home Button

We keep hearing that Apple is going to put a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S. So far, that’s difficult if not impossible to confirm. However, we keep hearing the rumor pop up.

Now we’re seeing actual evidence of such a feature. If real, it will likely be hidden within the Home Button. That’s what it seems like based on a recently-leaked part.

After Apple’s AuthenTec acquisition, it’s been speculated that the company may want to increase security of its mobile devices through fingerprint sensors. This may be when Apple does such a thing.

As website GigaOm explains, the photos of the Home Button component do look quite different than the iPhone 5. Still, the site clarifies that they don’t know exactly what a fingerprint sensor would look like, but it does say that the Home Button looks very different.

Well, it’s less than a week away.

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