Seido Active Case for iPhone 5 [Review]

iPhone 5 case

The Seido Active case is yet another iPhone 5 case by Seido. It features a soft rubber inside and a harder plastic outside.

The outside offers the impact and scratch protection while the inside absorbs any impact that would normally hit your iPhone when it’s dropped.

The outside shell is thin, but made of hard plastic. It’s designed so that it doesn’t add extra bulk. The more important part of the case is actually the soft rubber. It makes for the protection you need, but the plastic is something of a reinforcement.

Also includes is the holster. This keeps your iPhone on your side without the need for pocket space, and without having to reach in your bag for it.

At $30, it’s quite a deal. The only issue we really ran into was when we got some alcohol-based sunscreen on the case’s finish. It melted the finish off and removed the paint a bit. It’s not a terrible problem, but that shows how it can easily be ruined.


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