Use Your Mac to Capture Video on Your iPhone and iPad

iPhone 5S

Have you ever wanted to capture video from your iPhone or iPad? It’s possible with an OS X app called Reflector.

First, you will have to go here. The app is $12.99. You can also try a trial version.

Download the app and launch it on your computer. Your Mac and iOS device must both be on the same wifi network in order for this to work.

Double-tap the Home Button and swipe over to get to your AirPlay options. If you’re in iOS 7, you can just swipe up to open Control Center.

You Mac will show up on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as a compatible AirPlay device. Select it and turn Mirroring ‘On.’ Now, your iOS device will show up on the screen.

Hit Command+R to start recording. This will record everything, including notifications. Hit Command+R again to stop recording. That’s it.

[via CultofMac]

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