What Do We Expect to See Tomorrow?

iPhone 5C

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to unveil a new line of iPhones. We will learn about the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. While we expect the iPhone 5S to be pretty much the next generation iPhone, it’s mostly the iPhone 5C that everyone is curious about.

Let’s take a look at what we expect to see tomorrow from tomorrow’s Apple event.


1) Apple will announce the iPhone 5S

This is a given. Apple will announce the iPhone 5S. This is Apple’s flagship phone, and the company has to sell us on it. It won’t look very different from the iPhone 5, but we do expect a few minor changes. Rumors about the fingerprint sensor seem more convincing with every leak. We are beginning to think that this may be one of the big selling points.

We also hear that it will likely come in a gold or “champagne” color in addition to the black and white color options. We also hear that it will top out at a 124GB capacity. That’s not a rumor we’ve heard consistently, but it would definitely make it a strong competitor in the smartphone market. The iPad tops out at that, why not do it with the iPhone, too?

Furthermore, we keep hearing that the next iPhone will have a dual LED flash. This is a much-needed addition, and we expect it as well.


2) Apple will announce the iPhone 5C

Most rumors lately focus on the iPhone 5C, which will be Apple’s lower-cost iPhone. At this point, we can’t say it’s not real. Apple is definitely doing something with this, and we’ve seen more than enough rumors to support this. The body will be made of plastic, which is almost a throwback to the older, pre-iPhone 4 handsets. The plastic bodies will make it easier to manufacturer the iPhone 5C in more colors on the cheap. We expect this to be popular with those who want something a little friendlier, especially teens who would like an iPhone that matches their favorite color.


3) Apple will announce a release date for all of these

Most importantly, Apple will announce a release date for these handsets. Everyone is wondering when the next generation of iPhones will launch, but we expect the rumors of September 20 to be accurate. That’s on a Friday a little more than a week after the event. It gives Apple time to take pre-orders and hype the handset so that users are ready to make their purchases. Pre-orders will probably start soon after the event. This may be the day of, or the day after. Either way, it will be enough to build some hype.


4) Apple will announce iOS 7 release date

We will hear a release date for iOS 7. We expect anything from a few days after the event to about a week. Apple hasn’t released the Gold Master yet (as of the time of this writing), so we have to see that first. Perhaps later today. Either way, without that, we don’t know how far away the official release is. Should happen soon, regardless.


5) Apple will announce OS X Mavericks as an October release, but won’t offer too much detail

We also expect Apple to touch on Mavericks. It won’t be something Apple goes into much detail about. Maybe we will hear a release date, or a release window (Late October). That said, Apple still needs to hold an iPad event. This will not be an iPad event. We expect that in October. Perhaps early October, and Apple will announce a specific release date at that point.


We will know soon…

We can’t speculate too much. We can just go by the rumors and leaks that have been consistent time and time again.


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