Why You Shouldn’t Worry About That Fingerprint Hack

Touch ID

We’ve been hearing a lot about that Touch ID hack recently. Wait…correction, according to FastCompany, it’s not a “hack,” rather a workaround. Hack means that someone has fond a digital means to work through Touch ID. This is more of a way to trick the sensor into thinking the original user is being granted access.

The report goes into detail, but the bottom line is pretty much what most of us are saying. Under ideal circumstances, the team was able to lift the required fingerprint and replicate it to gain access to the phone.

However,  that’s where the problem is. The process is somewhat elaborate for gaining access to the average Joe’s iPhone. Even then, they must lift the correct fingerprint. They have to find a good fingerprint and lift the one for the finger you use to unlock the iPhone. After that, they have to go through the process of reproducing it. If they mess up, and they can’t guess the correct finger, guess what? They have to enter a passcode if they keep screwing up. Even if they want to disable the fingerprint lock, they have to use the passcode.

Just a few things to think about before you worry too much about someone getting past your iPhone’s security.

[via FastCompany]

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