AuthenTec Cofounder Shows Off Early Touch ID Prototype

AuthenTec prototype touch id

Recently, F. Scott Moody, cofounder of AuthenTec, which Apple acquired last year, gave a presentation in which he showed off an early prototype for its fingerprint sensors.

The prototype would later become the tech that Apple uses for its Touch ID. Of course, this early on, it looked nothing like the Touch ID we are used to. It was basically two big boxes attached by a ribbon.

He says, “We’re looking at pores, structures of ridges and valleys, and instantaneously tell who you are.” Moody adds, “Every time you use it, it learns more about you.”

In the story, Moody talks about some initial failures as AuthenTec tried to pitch the device to other tech firms, including Apple.

You can read the full story for background information on the technology at AppleInsider.

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