iOS 7.0.2: Trouble Syncing With Gmail?

iOS mail

iOS 7 is still in its early stages, which means we’re going to find some annoying problems. Let’s hope they’re resolved quickly. For now, there are workarounds. A recent problem is that sometimes it doesn’t want to sync with your Gmail inbox, even if it has before.

Sadly, there is no real fix for this. The only thing you can really do is reboot your iPhone. This should re-sync your email, but the problem has been known to repeat itself for no apparent reason.

Let’s hope for a firmware update that addresses these issues very soon.

What seems to be happening here, or at least what happened in our case is that the actual email address disappeared from our Mail, Contacts, Calendars under the Settings. We thought it was a user error, and re-entry didn’t help. Somehow, just rebooting the iOS device fixed things up.

This was an isolated incident for us, but we’d like to ask our readers of any of them have experienced this issue. Please leave some comments and let us know if you’ve had issues with iOS 7 working with your Gmail account.

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