iOS 7: How to View or Disable Frequent Locations

frequent locations

I’ve been to the gym five times and to Walmart twice in the past week. Interestingly, it doesn’t track where I live.

iOS 7 has a list of places you frequent. Some folks may not like the idea of that. Personally, it’s no big deal for me, but if you’re not a fan of having those locations logged, here’s how to change that.

1) First, you will have to go to your Settings.

2) to get to the Frequent Locations go to the following: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services. From here, you can turn ‘Frequent Locations’ off if you’d like. This will mean that your phone will no longer learn the places you frequently visit.

Some folks may worry about this kind of thing, and I can’t speak for all of iSmashPhone, but to me it just seems like a tool to help me out. For instance, if I go to my kickboxing gym across town every day, my iPhone learns that. After a while it can guess based on current traffic conditions and factors to tell me something like the current travel time to my class. Otherwise, just disable it.

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