iPad Mini With Retina Display Will Be Hard to Find Through 2013

iPad mini 2

We can’t pretend we didn’t know this, but according to analyst Rhoda Alexander at Tablet and Monitor Research at IHS iSuppli, the iPad mini with Retina display will be difficult to find until early 2014.

That’s believable: 1) there is a lot of manufacturing to be done. 2) It comes later in November, and will likely be pre-ordered and sold out through much of the holiday season. According to CNET, this is likely due to the Retina display. It has the same number of pixels as the iPad Air, but is much smaller, meaning that the pixel density is much higher than any of the current iPads, and making it difficult to manufacture.

Let’s just hope the folks who want it in time for the holidays can pick one up.

[via CNET]

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