iPhone 5S Users Getting a Blue Screen of Death

iPhone blue screen

There was a time when the infamous blue screen of death was a Windows-only problem. Now it seems to be affecting the iPhone 5S. At least that’s the word according to some users on Apple forums.

Strangely, the problem seems to occur for those using Apple’s first-party apps, such as Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Some have also mentioned the problem occuring with FaceTime, Safari and the camera.

Basically, the screen turns blue for a second or two before the iPhone reboots. It seems to be some strange app issue that Apple can fix with an update. One user mentioned that he was totally unable to use his iPhone, because he got the blue screen, then the phone tried to reboot and is stuck at the Apple logo loading screen.

Let’s hope something happens soon. This is definitely a frustrating issue for those experiencing the bug.

[via PCMag]

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