It’s Obvious Why Apple Continues to Sell the iPad 2

iPad 2 sales

The iPad 2 is over two years old. Still, Apple continues to sell it. It’s discounted from the price of whatever current-genearation iPad is available at the time. Apple will continue to carry it while it sells the iPad Air. Why? Simple. It’s still making money.

The iPad 2 reportedly made up 22 percent of iPad sales last quarter.  That’s down from 35 the previous quarter and 33 percent the quarter before that. Still, that’s not too bad considering the available options.

Still, the iPad 2 is ideal for those who want a full-sized Apple tablet at a budget price. Much of this, according to MacRumors seems to be thanks to education. Schools buy tablets in bulk, and the iPad 2 is available and more affordable than Apple’s fully-featured iPads.



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