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Tablets are becoming increasingly popular each year. That’s been the case since 2010. Now Android tablets and iPads are in the hands of millions, and we expect those numbers to keep growing. The problem is that some tablets don’t make for the best productivity tools. That is, until you add a keyboard.

The Universal Power Keyboard and Case for 10-inch Android tablets is designed to act as not only a keyboard case, but a charger as well. This means you can charge your tablet, or plug in a smartphone or other USB-charged device to give it a little more juice when you need it. There are LED indicators on the keyboard that help you know how much of a charge you have left.

Because it’s Bluetooth, you can use it with any BT-compatible device. In theory, it works with an iPad, but the charger is mini USB, so you won’t get that use out of it. It also has keys that are Android-specific. That’s okay, there are plenty of quality iPad charger/keyboard/case combinations, but they don’t seem to be as readily-available. While much of that is also due to the iPad’s popularity, it’s nice for Android users to have their share of options for cases and keyboards.

This case will set you back about $110. Still, it’s not a bad case or keyboard for what it is.




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