Superleggera Pro for iPhone 5

superleggera pro

The Superleggera Pro is designed for folks who want a little extra protection for their iPhone. While we tend to prefer thinner cases, this one is ideal for those who want extra protection, but want to keep it slim.

As with most iPhone 5 cases, this one works with the iPhone 5S. It provides two layers of protection. The outer layer is a hard plastic that protects your device from scratches. The inner-layer is for shock resistance. Often times, sudden impact is what breaks a screen–not just pressure.

All of the ports are accessible, but have a rubber cover to protect them and prevent debris from entering them.

The case itself is smooth and fairly sleek (sometimes that word seems so overused, but if we must.) The polycarbonate shell feels nice to the touch, and the inner rubber doesn’t add much bulk.

It comes in eight colors, s there is likely something for your tastes. At $20, it’s really a great price for any iPhone case. Especially one that offers a fair amount or protection.


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