Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 Case by Griffin

Survivor waterpfoof case

Waterproof cases. Every time we see a new one, we have to wonder how safe our iPhone is. This one is the Survivor+Catalyst Waterproof case by Griffin. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet, according to the manufacturer.

Waterproof cases are always great for the beach, camping or the pool, but we are always cautious of anything that says it’s waterproof. While we’re sure that the claims are valid, we prefer not to drop our iPhone in several feet of water to find out. We’d rather use this as a protective case, and have it on when we go to the beach just in case water splashes on it, or we get too close to the water with our iPhone.

Then again, that’s what these cases usually are. They are designed as regular cases intended to be used just in case your iPhone falls into the water. While product demonstrations may show the case in a fish bowl, there are very few of us who actually intend to do something like that with our smartphone.

waterpfoof survivor case

Ideally, you’d take this when you go camping or hiking and may run into weather conditions or small bodies of water or anything else that may otherwise damage an unprotected iPhone.

The case works well enough for us to use it every day. It allows access to all of the iPhone’s functions. That’s always a good thing as sometimes cases can obstruct things a bit.

The touchscreen still works very well, and it’s nice to have that extra layer of protection. While intended for preventing water damage, the fact that the screen is protected makes it that much more useful if you choose to keep the case on.

If you’re very daring, you can take photos and video underwater with your iPhone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can definitely be scary at first.


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