What We Expect to See at Apple’s October 22 Event


Apple is set to hold an event on October 22. We expect to hear a lot about the new iPads and probably see a new update for the iPod line. It’s hard to say for sure, but based on what we’ve seen, we figure it’s likely. Let’s take a look at what we expect to see.

iPad 5

The iPad 5 is very likely the star of the show. We will learn about the new iPad, it will have the long-rumored thinner bezel and thinner form-factor. It’s likely that it will include Touch ID. Aside from that, it will have a spec boost. The screen will likely be what we are already used to. Still, the iPad is in need of a bit of an update as far as looks go. Oh, yeah, and it will have that Space Grey color to match the iPhone. Maybe even a gold?


iPad mini 2

iPad mini in hand

The iPad mini is due for its next update. It still lacks a Retina display, so we expect this to be a major part of the next update. Everything else will probably look exactly the same. We figure that without looking at the screen, it will be hard to tell if it’s a first- or second-gen iPad mini.


iPod updates

iPod touch

We don’t expect a lot from the iPod line. Sales are always shrinking as more people pick up iPads and iPhones. Still, this is an important part of the market. Perhaps some minor updates to the shuffle and nano. The Touch may get a slight update, maybe we can expect colors to match the iPhone 5C. Of course they will ship with iOS 7, as will the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.


Mavericks Release Date and Pricing

We will finally learn about when Mavericks releases. Expect it to cost about $20. That’s what we’ve seen recently with OS X releases. At least now we will have an official release date for Apple’s latest version of OS X. Maybe it will be sometime the week of the event, or shortly after.


Mac Pro Release Date and Pricing

Mac Pro

We heard about the new Mac Pro earlier this year. Details were little, so maybe Apple will finally be ready to reveal a release date and pricing. We don’t expect it to be affordable to most of us looking for a computer. Still, it will probably be a very sweet computer for those who do buy it.


Spec Boosts for Macs Across the Line

This will probably get a small mention. Don’t expect cosmetic changes or along tangent going off about Macs. If anything, we will just hear a few things about spec boosts and they will move on.


“We Still Have a Lot to Cover”

Apple’s press invite reads, “We still have a lot to cover.” This tells us that they want to touch on several things before the end of the year. In other words, that’s not just one or two products. Apple has a lot to unveil over the course of an hour or an hour-and-a-half. Let’s see what happens.

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