12 Years Ago, the First iPod Launched

iPod 1

Some of you will feel very, very old right now. That’s because the original iPod hit stores 12 years ago on November 10, 2001.

It seems like so long ago. I was in high school, and most of us carried around big CD booklets with portable CD players. You either had to make mix CDs or switch out CDs if you wanted to hear multiple artists. It wasn’t fun, but it seemed normal at the time.

Now, playlists rule, and we have media players that can hold several days worth of songs. MP3 players had been around for sometime, but there was something about the iPod that made people want it. It looked cool, and it had a lot of hype behind it. This was also back at a time before the general population knew much about Apple outside of “they make those computers with the rainbow Apple on them, right?”

Turns out that nobody had very high expectations for it. Luckily, for Apple, it turned out to be a phenomenal success. Then Apple launched iTunes on Windows, and it opened it up to even more users.

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