App Store Searches Will Now Compensate For Our Poor Spelling


This can only help consumers and developers. According to reports, Apple has introduced a new feature to the App Store search. Now, if you mistype or misspell an app’s name in a search, it will compensate.

This is especially useful for apps that may have odd spacing. For instance, in the past, if you wanted an app for WordPress (this is just an example, because it’s inter-capped instead of spaced), the App Store wanted you to type it as “WordPress,” typing “Word Press” would not bring it up, unless the developer of the specific app you were looking for thought to include alternate spellings and spacings in their keywords.

Much of this comes from SearchMan, an App Store SEO firm that has compared recent data and found that November has a noticeable improvement over other months in search results for misspellings. In the past, “hotwls” (a typo of hotels, though autocorrect will normally fix this for you, unless you have the feature turned off), brought back no results. Fast-forward a few months, you will get 2,200 search results.

That said, the 2,200 seems to be a cap on misspelled searches. They don’t ever seem to go above that. This means that some searches are actually bringing back less results.

It’s still interesting to see some of that data. At least the App Store is improving over time.

[via MacRumors]

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