Apple Building Another US Factory, This Time in Arizona

iPhone 5 camera

Apple is opening a new US factory. This one is coming to Mesa, Arizona.

According to reports, this factory should create more than 2,000 jobs in the area. This is a noteworthy step for Apple, because many critics say Apple needs to bring those manufacturing jobs back to the US rather than China. Apple has been doing this a bit lately. Some of the new Macs and other products are made in the US. For instance, the new Mac Pro.

Here’s a portion from Apple’s statement:

“This new plant will make components for Apple products and it will run on 100 per cent renewable energy from day one, as a result of the work we are doing with SRP to create green energy sources to power the facility.”

According to, GT Advanced is in a multi-year agreement with Apple to provide sapphire material, which is used in Apple’s current camera lenses and the Touch ID sensor.




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