Apple Wants to Improve What Touch ID Sensor Can Do

Touch ID onscreen

Apple wants to expand what it can do with the technology behind Touch ID. At least that’s what a patent application says.

Much of it involves giving the Touch ID sensor some trackpad-like capabilities. Users would be able to move their fingers around the sensor, and this would allow them to scan around as they would on a computer’s trackpad.

Apple is also interested in integrating Touch ID into its display technology. This would make it possible to lock out certain apps. For instance, if  someone is using an iPhone, and wants to open the Mail app. The owner can set it to require his or her fingerprint. When someone else taps on the icon, they would see a message telling them that they aren’t authorized to use the app.

You can see more about the patent application at MacRumors. It could lead to some cool things for device security.

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