Armorz Launches Stealth Extreme Screen Protectors

Armorz iPad Case

Armorz has announced its Stealth Extreme R screen protectors for iPad Air and the iPad mini (this includes the iPad mini Retina). It’s made of Corning’s Gorilla 0.4 glass.

It’s a glass screen protector. It’s made of glass similar to the iPhone’s screen. This means it won’t interfere with usage the way other screen protectors do. In fact, you may not even realize you’re using it, because it will feel just like the glass on your iPhone screen.

Here’s some info:

Armorz unveils the Stealth Extreme R for the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina, the world’s first Corning Gorilla 0.4 glass tempered screen protector. Comprised of revolutionary Corning Gorilla glass, the new Stealth Extreme R is only 0.4mm thick and boasts unbeatable, shatterproof protection, as well as tapered edges for an appealing look and extreme durability. Armorz’s world-class engineers carefully designed the Stealth Extreme R with 9H hardness-rated processed glass to absorb shock and safeguard your device from heavy-duty scratches and abrasions. Additionally, Armorz has developed a product that does not ignore aesthetics for protection. The Stealth’s tapered (rounded) edges provide a sleek, enhanced profile on your tablet, while still reinforcing critical points of impact and bolstering durability.


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