CandyWirez Sync Cable Hands-on (Review)



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There are all kinds of charge and sync cables out there for the iPhone and iPad. Of course we have the standard one that comes with all of Apple’s iOS devices. We also have a slew of third-party cables, all of them are made in hopes of becoming the iPhone owner’s backup cable. However, we occasionally come across the cool ones that stand out as particularly good. At iSmashPhone we get all sorts of cables and accessories. This one really caught our attention.

It’s designed much like an Apple cable, but the best part of it is the metallic ends. They feel much more solid than the ones that come with the iPhone. It’s also a bit more pleasant to look at, for what it’s worth.


Also nice about this cable is the length. If there is a downside to Apple’s stock cables, it’s that they are way too short. Of course it’s just a throwaway that they pack in. However, it’s such a pain to try to plug in your iPhone at work and not be able to keep it on your desk because the cable doesn’t reach. That doesn’t become a problem with a five foot cable.

Some users may not see much use for another charge cable. After all, they already have the one that came with their iPhone. However, we’ve found that it’s nice to have one in the car (always plugged in) and this longer cable at home, where you can plug it in when needed. This eliminates the problem of not having cable in the car (or at work) or looking through your laptop bag for the cable, or the worst, forgetting it at the office.


The cable, in our experience so far, seems fairly durable. We haven’t put it through anything strenuous yet, and it’s much too early to display any signs of wear and tear. Still, it feels very solid, and we doubt we will have to replace it anytime soon.

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