Each Touch ID Sensor is Paired With its A7 Chip

Touch ID demonstration


The folks at mendmyi made an interesting discovery about Touch ID recently. Someone sent in their iPhone 5s to get a colorful new chassis. Their Touch ID stopped working.

After lots of investigating, mendmyi figured out the issue: the sensor is paired with the A7 processor. Replacing it with a new sensor means it will not work anymore, because the device recognizes that this is not the sensor it used before.

Only after replacing it with the original sensor did it work again. While this may seem like a huge pain, it turns out that this is more likely a security measure. It’s one more step to help ensure that someone doesn’t find a way to hack it in some way.

Wow. Now, we do wonder what happens if the sensor itself gets damaged. There is always the passcode lock, but we wonder if Apple can replace the Home Button somehow, or if it requires a whole new device, or what measures are taken.

[via CultofMac]

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