Ice Hybrid Case Protects Your iPhone 5C, But Doesn’t Hide It Hands-on (Review)

Ice Hybrid

When searching for a case for your iPhone 5C, one of the most important things for any user is to get something that lets its color show through. After all, they didn’t choose a colorful phone just to hide it. Well, they may have, but most chose a color they liked and wanted to display.

The Ice Hybrid is clear. It allows you to see through the case and enjoy your iPhone 5C, no matter what color you own. That’s something any iPhone owner will appreciate, especially if they have a 5C.

The case is a little thicker than the average clear plastic ones we’ve used in the past. That said, it doesn’t add bulk. It just makes it feel a little more solid and less brittle than some of the cases we’ve used in the past.

Ice hybrid case

Another plus with clear cases, regardless of the iPhone’s color, it’s just nice to be able to see your phone. Especially when it has a cool design, as do all iPhone models for their time.

If you’re looking for an iPhone 5C, or planning on picking one up and need a case (a case is a good idea), you may want to check this one out. Trust us, you will be glad you had one should you ever drop your iPhone.



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