Interesting: A Bunch of Former Apple Designers Were Asked What Product Saved Apple


Back through most of the 90s, Apple wasn’t doing well. Things picked up a little bit in the late 90s when Steve Jobs came back and Apple introduced the iMac. However, it took a while for Apple to truly become a player in the tech industry once again. During a panel, someone asked a group of ex-Apple employees what they believe is most responsible for bring Apple back into the game.

Answers ranged. Someone said OS X, another believed it was Final Cut Pro. However, two answers we agree most with are the iPod and iTunes on Windows. iTunes on Windows is probably the biggest thing Apple did to succeed, even if Jobs didn’t like the idea at first. This opened up the iPod to the vast majority of the computer market. Before this, Apple had less than five percent of the personal computer market. iTunes on Windows opened the iPod up to those users. Many of those users became fond of Apple’s gadgets and bought iPhones a few years later. After that, many of them probably bought iPads. Eventually, they could have become Mac owners. At least that’s how we imagine it happened for many users.

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