iPad Air Delivery Estimates Being Pushed Back

iPad Air

We’re not sure if it’s just us, but this iPad launch doesn’t seem quite as loud as some of the past ones. Maybe we’re just used to it, or maybe there just isn’t as much noise. That said, people are definitely buying it.

Apple’s website listed the tablet this morning as “shipping within 24 hours” and gave it a delivery estimate of November 4. However, according to website MacRumors, that date slipped back to November 6 just a few hours ago. Right now, shipping time is still “within 24 hours.” However, we don’t see an estimated delivery date.

We’re sure that it will be difficult to order before the end of the weekend, and anyone who doesn’t do it soon will be waiting a week or so for their iPad to ship, then another day or so for it to arrive.

[via Apple]

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