iPad Mini Flak Jacket: Soft on the Inside, but Tough on the Outside

Flak Jacket iPad mini case

The iPad mini is a great device for someone who likes Apple’s brand of gadgets, but wants something just a little more portable than the standard 10-inch tablet.

Sometimes, you want to carry it around, but you want to ensure that it’s safe from drops or bumps. That’s when you get the Flak Jacket by Lunatik. It’s an iPad mini case that has a soft microfiber interior, but a tougher polyurethane exterior.

Here’s a description from the website:

Flak Jacket is an ultra-slim, lightweight, durable sleeve for the iPad mini. Designed for mobility, Flak Jacket features a composite microfiber textile with a protective three-dimensional polyurethane skin to increase tactility and durability. Flak Jacket provides sleek protection in a supple low-profile sleeve.

You can pick it up here.

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