iPhone 6 Concept Ditches the Home Button

iPhone 6 concept

This concept has some okay features, but it leaves much to be desired.

We do like that it’s fairly thin, but it’s hard to believe that Apple would want to get rid of the Home Button. Where would the Touch ID sensor go? It also features that edge-to-edge screen that everybody wants, but it would be way too easy to accidentally touch an object on the far side of the screen while holding your iPhone normally. Especially if it’s that thin. Some would argue that Apple can work around this through software as it has with the iPad, but it still just seems like a problem. We don’t even know if that’s physically possible with current technology. On top of that, cases would obstruct the view.

iPhone 6 conpcets 2

Basically, we think the thinness is cool, but the front panel design could use some reworking.

[Martin Hajek via CultofMac]

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