iWork for iOS and OS X Gets Updates, Some Old Features Return

iWork for Mac

Some people weren’t very happy about the iWork update. Understandably so. While we don’t use some of those advanced features, there are many out there who do. Many of these were gone. Some felt that Apple was dumbing things down, but the Cupertino company said it built the new iWork from the ground up, so Pages, Numbers and Keynote all lost some features.

That wasn’t necessarily Apple’s intent, it seems. The product had to ship, and some of these features for power users had to come in when Apple could add them in. At least that’s the official story. Perhaps Apple didn’t think they were that important, then realized that several people actually wanted these.

Today is a good day for some of those users. A handful of those features are back.

You can check out some more info about iWork here. They are all available on the Mac App Store.


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