More Rumors of Larger iPad: Quanta to Manufacture the Tablet

iPad Air

Some people would like a larger iPad. Heck, the mini is the perfect size, but everyone likes what they like.

If the rumor reported by, wait for it … Digitimes is true, we may see a larger iPad next year. It seems that Quanta Computer will be manufacturing the tablet.

We don’t know how true this rumor is, but Digitimes is usually pretty far from accurate. That said, we’ve heard several reports in the past that Apple is working on a larger iPads. It’s important to keep in mind that those rumors, even those form reliable sources, mention that Apple has been testing units. Testing doesn’t always mean it’s a for sure thing. It’s just the folks in Cupertino playing with ideas.

We are curious how a larger iPad would sell. We like the standard size, and the mini is great for that extra portability (fits almost anywhere.) But larger? Could be interesting for some folks.

[via MacRumors]


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