OS X Mavericks Uses Ambient Light Sensors in a Cool New Way

OS X mavericks

This is pretty clever, and we’re surprised it wasn’t done before. OS X Mavericks, which is available on the Mac App Store for free, uses the ambient light sensor on Apple’s laptops to keep the computer from going into standby.

It does this by detecting the light and sensing motion or movement in front of it. This way, it can tell that a person is sitting in front of the computer, even if they aren’t exactly using it. You know, sometimes you are working at the computer, but you sit back to think for a few minutes.  Sometimes while you zone out in your thoughts, your computer decides to go into standby.

Normally, it only uses the sensor to adjust screen brightness. This is a cool new way to use it, because it can easily detect motion in front of it and wait a little longer before going into sleep mode.

[via MacRumors]

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