Pebble Smartwatch Now Does All iOS 7 Notifications

Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch, which began as a successful Kickstarter project has been updated to receive all iOS 7 notifications.  It also has a new SDK and APIs.

The update means that it receives all iOS 7 notifications. This includes Facebook, Twitter and any other app that offers notifications.

Also new is an update to the Pebble SDK. Here’s a portion of the announcement (via MacRumors):

Pebble is now fully integrated with iOS 7 and works seamlessly with Notification Center. This means that any notifications that you’ve enabled in Notification Center on your iOS 7 device will appear on your Pebble — just like that.

Pebble also announced the major SDK update:

SDK 2.0 opens up an entire universe of rich new watch apps thanks to four new APIs: Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage.

The watch costs about $150, but it’s definitely one of the most successful wearable technology products out right now.

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