Print and Use a Paper Keyboard for Your iPhone

paper keyboard

This is a pretty cool little app. Yes, you need an app. You also need a printer. Most of us probably don’t have one of those anymore.

However, if you do, you just print out the special keyboard PDF file. After that, download the app, and place the printout in front of your iPhone. It uses the front-facing camera to detect where you are typing. We definitely want to try it out, but our printer ran out of ink in 2010, and it hasn’t been replaced since –it’s become a scanner for the home office, which hasn’t had to print anything in years. We’re not the only ones who couldn’t test it out.

Here’s some info from the App description:

Are you tired of typing on your screen? Just print a PDF file on paper and use it as a keyboard. How? Put your phone where marked on the paper and see how the magic happens: the phone’s camera detects your fingers with state of the art algorithms. You can play games, chat with friends, send emails, write anything with the keyboard. With the free version you can play 2 games, additional features may be available with in-app purchase.

• Use a piece of paper as a keyboard
The app works on letter-size and A4 paper as well!

• Several games are available in the app
Collect the letters of quotes, typing games, ball games etc.

• Built-in chat client
You can chat with your friends with the keyboard using several platforms

• Send emails directly from the app
Are you tired of typing a long email to your colleague? Use the app and the keyboard!

• Write anything and paste the text into any app
Use the paper keyboard and paste your text in any text editor to format.

If you can’t print, don’t worry! A lot of functions of the app can be used without a paper keyboard.






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