The Panono is Quite Possibly One of the Coolest Gadgets We’ve Seen in a Long Time

Take a look at the Panono camera. It’s a ball with 36 cameras in it. Each is aimed in a different direction, so that the ball captures a full 360˚ image.

The cameras are timed so that when a user throws the Panono up into the air, it captures the image at its highest point. It does this by detecting a stopping point. The 36 cameras take a picture simultaneously. The result is a true 360˚ panorama. You can see everything around it: the ground, the sky, and everything front, left, right and back. In fact, it’s kind of cool to think that this camera can actually capture things you didn’t realize were happening. You can take a look at the picture with the accompanying app for iPhone and iPad.

The ball is durable enough to be thrown up in the air and dropped on cement.

The downside? You’re looking to pay around $600. If you pre-order, you can get it for $500: Indiegogo

[Via Gizmodo]


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