Thief Steals iPhone, Returns Handwritten List of Phone Contacts and SIM


Well, the person who did this was as thief. No way around that. However, the thief was kind enough to send over a full list of 1,000 contacts and the SIM card. It was all hand-written.

The iPhone is lost, but it was kind of polite of the crook to do that. Still doesn’t justify the action.

Here’s an excerpt of a story by Gizmodo:

“…victim Zou Bin lost his iPhone when he split a cab with a robber, who managed to snag it off him. As soon as he got to another phone, Zou texted the stolen handset and demanded that the robber return it to the home address stored inside. It didn’t quite work; big surprise.”

A few days later, the package addressed to him came in. It included the information and SIM as he’d asked for.

Well, at least the thief was nice.

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