Wall Street Leather Case by id America, the Leather Solution Hands-on (Review)

wall street case

You have an iPhone 5, but you need a nice case. Maybe a plastic case isn’t cutting it. Sometimes, you want something a little fancy. Especially if you want to carry around that gold iPhone 5S.

That’s when you pick up a leather case. The Wall Street case by id America will protect your iPhone, but keep things nice and elegant. That said, it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your iPhone.

wall street case 2

Leather is nice in many ways. It’s softer than plastic. It will absorb some of the impact if it happens to fall. Harder plastic protects, but it doesn’t seem to absorb shock as much.

Because it’s designed for the iPhone 5, it will also work for the iPhone 5S. There is nothing in the way of the Touch ID sensor, either. That makes it a good choice for owners of Apple’s latest iPhone.

One thing we actually really like about this case is that it has a little bit of a rim around the bezel. This is nice, because if you drop the iPhone face-down it protects the screen from receiving the brunt of the impact. That’s always useful for iPhone cases. It sometimes gets slightly in the way of the screen, but we prefer to know that our screen is safer.

The Wall Street case is nice if you want to protect your iPhone, but want something that feels a bit more like a “work-type” phone.

Check it out here.

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