7 Free iOS Apps You Should Download for Your New iPad or iPhone

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When you have an new iOS device, you often want to download a handful of apps. Maybe you have an iTunes gift card or some money left over from the holidays. Maybe you don’t. If you don’t here are a handful of free apps you can check out.

Find My iPhone

If you should ever lose your iPhone or iPad, you will be glad you downloaded this app. Through iCloud, you can keep track of all of your devices as long as they are on the grid. Say you have your iPad with you, but you somehow misplace your iPhone. All you have to do is launch Find My iPhone on your iPad and it will locate your device. You can send messages, lock your iPhone, remote wipe and have it play an alert sound. You can also see where it is and see where it’s been. Find My iPhone isn’t only limited to iPhone location. It will track your iPad, iPod, Mac and all your Apple devices.





Netflix is the most popular of the video steaming services. There are alternatives like Hulu and Amazon, but we added Netflix because it’s the most familiar name of the bunch. It offers lots of movies and TV shows for viewing. Users pay a monthly fee and watch movies as much as they want. They don’t have everything, that’s for sure, but there’s definitely enough to keep you entertained for a long time.



Google Maps

Apple Maps isn’t always perfect. Google Maps seems to be a bit more accurate in our experience, and it’s available for free on the App Store. It offers turn-by-turn navigation and is probably one of the best free mapping apps we’ve come across. You should definitely give it a spin if Apple Maps isn’t doing it for you. That said, it’s good to have regardless — just as a backup.




YouTube used to be part of iOS. Now it’s a separate app. You will have to download it if you want to have a full YouTube experience on iOS. While it can work in Mobile Safari, we find the dedicated YouTube app to be much more useful and a more complete experience.




If you like reading, Kindle is the best way to go in our opinion. iBooks works well enough, as does Nook. However, Kindle works across several platforms: iOS, Mac, Kindle readers, Android and PC. We’re sure there’s a platform we forgot. Point is, it works across pretty much any device you use. It will sync your pages for a more seamless experience, and Amazon has one of the largest available digital bookstores around.




Love it or hate it, Facebook is the way so many of us communicate these days. Some of my friends are more likely to reply on Facebook than they are by phone. That’s just the way technology goes. The app is probably one of the worst around, to be quite honest. That said, Facebook feels almost necessary these days if you want to keep in touch with any of your friends.




Yelp is a longtime favorite for us. The app offers restaurant and hotel reviews, driving directions, general pricing information and pretty much anything else you can want when traveling. It’s helped us find great hotels and food when we are driving through unfamiliar territory. Really, we love Yelp.



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