A Lot of Android Users Picked Up iPads on Black Friday

iPad Air

The Black Friday sales reports keep coming in. Now we’re learning that 40 percent of the shoppers who bought iPads on Black Friday were Android users.

This data comes from InfoScout (via CultofAndroid). The data represents 90,000 receipts. InfoScout says that 40 percent of the people buying iPads already owned an Android smartphone. It’s not clear how they came up with that number, but it’s likely part of a poll.

Here’s part of that report:

To our surprise, however, we found that roughly 40% of Black Friday iPad purchases could be attributed to existing Android smartphone users.  This discovery clearly poses a challenge for Android moving forward and heightens the importance of Chromecast as Google competes for mindshare in the living room of the future.

You can read the full report here.

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