Apple Picking: How Some Thieves Are Stealing Smartphones

iPhone 5S

Apple Picking is the name of a new trick thieves are using to snatch smartphones from unsuspecting victims.

According to reports, a thief will approach a person and ask them for the time. This is much more likely to happen if you aren’t wearing a watch, because they know you are likely to pull your phone out of your pocket. Upon doing so, the thief will take a look at your phone. If it’s a cheaper, older handset, they will simply carry on. Now, if you happen to have an iPhone (Get it? Apple Picking?) or other more expensive handset, they will snatch it and run.

In other words, wear your watch and be weary of someone asking for the time. They may be legitimately asking, but just be careful. You never know what they are planning.

[via TAUW]

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