Apple’s Court-Appointed Monitor Snaps Back at Apple


A week or so ago we heard that Apple wasn’t very pleased with its court-appointed monitor in its eBook antitrust case. He was charging Apple over $1000 an hour. Well, he fired back at the Cupertino tech giant.

Some of the things he’s said:

  • You people seem to think I’m working for you. “Apple has sought for the last month to manage our relationship as though we are its outside counsel or consultant,” he wrote in a letter to Cook and his board last week.
  • My fees are reasonable, and you have no idea what a reasonable fee looks like. Also, it doesn’t matter if you think my fees are reasonable, because you don’t get to negotiate them: You just pay them. The court will approve them.

Well, we’re sure this guy and some Apple executives are exchanging some non-family-friendly words, at least under their breath.

You can check out the full report here.

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