Case Scenario Keith Haring iPhone 5C Case Hands-on (Review)

Keith Haring people case iPhone 5C

You have an iPhone 5C. You love the color you chose. It’s colorful, and it’s you. You want a case, and you don’t want it to take away from your cool new handset. How about a transparent case? That’s what the Keith Haring iPhone 5C case is.

We checked out “People.” It’s the case above. The design (by the late Keith Haring) is a group of five interlocked people encircling the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 5C. Thanks to the transparent case, you can see your iPhone 5C in full color. Why have it any other way? After all, you likely bought an iPhone 5C because you liked the color. You don’t want to cover it.

The case itself is made of a flexible material, and it offers protection from drops and other impact. You can drop it and it’s unlikely you’ll have to worry about your iPhone if it happens to fall as you’re pulling it out of your pocket or as you’re holding it during a call. That’s all you need, really. Unless you plan on throwing your iPhone around just to see how much punishment it can take.

The reality is that this case won’t necessarily provide you with any more or less protection than a comparable iPhone case. It’s more about the design. Show off your iPhone 5C, and enjoy the art if you’re a fan of Haring’s work.

For the price, 14,99 € (about $20) it’s reasonable. You won’t find many cases at this price that offer any more or less protection. At this price range, it’s more about finding an ideal plastic case with a design you like. If this is it, go for it.

You can see the case here.


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