CM4 Slite Card Case for iPhone 5C Hands-on (Review)

Slite card case iphone 5c

Over the past few years we’ve become increasingly fond of iPhone cases that double as wallets. We like the idea of just carrying one thing and not having to worry about our iPhone and our wallet. We just put what we need in our iPhone case and head out. You don’t even have to worry about having your wallet on-hand.

The case carries up to three cards. For instance, your driver’s license and a couple of credit cards, plus some cash. It will get you around with no issues. There’s definitely a little bit of thickness to this handset. That’s because it needs that space for your cards and cash. Still, it’s not going to be a very obtrusive case. It’s comparable to carrying around a wallet. The iPhone will still fit in your pocket, and it will be fairly well protected.

While we do consider this to be a nice alternative to carrying around your wallet everywhere you go, it may not be what we’d consider a “full replacement.” Sure, it carries your belongings, but it’s limited to three cards and some cash. It will be adequate for leaving home for several hours, or for the evening, but it may not be what you rely on solely if you were to say, go on vacation. Still, that makes for a lot less carrying your wallet around in general.

One thing that’s nice about this case is that it has a cutout for the 30-pin dock adapter. If you are using an iPhone 5C, but have an older dock or charger, you can still use the adapter to plug it in without removing the case. That’s just much more convenient than having to pop the iPhone in and out of the case every time you want to use it.

The case has a conveniently-placed notch that allows you to push cards out when you need them. It’s a simple touch, but it means you won’t have to pinch around and fight your case to pull your credit card out.

Overall, it’s a useful case, and it helps to eliminate bulk as you won’t find yourself carrying your wallet around as often. It protects our iPhone, but the fact that it doubles as a wallet is just a bonus.

Check it out here.

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