Dell Shows off New 4K Monitor — It’s Going to Cost You

Dell 4K monitor

Keeping up with technology is a heck of a game, isn’t it? Dell recently showed off its new 24-inch 4K monitor, and it’s going to cost you some serious money. It will set you back $1399.

Of course that’s not nearly as expensive as the 4K TVs we’ve been seeing around the internet, but those are TV sets and they are usually huge. This is a 24-inch computer monitor.

What’s also important to note here, is that Dell and Apple tend to use the same supplier for their display panels. Well, at least you have time to save up some money before we see an official launch for an Apple 4K display. Right?

Still, we’ve heard that the Mac Pro will support multiple 4K displays at once. This may give some professionals an idea of how much they can expect to pay for these screens.

[via MacRumors]

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