European Union Lawmakers May Force Apple to Go with Standard Connectors


Lightning Connector

If EU lawmakers get their way, Apple may be forced to change its Lightning Connector into a standard Micro USB port.

The report comes from TAUW, which says that the European Union wants all consumer electronics manufacturers to use a standard charger for their devices. This would include Apple, which uses the proprietary Lightning Connector on its iOS devices.

Here’s a portion of the report:

The draft legislation could be voted on as soon as March 2014, at which time it will need to be turned into national laws by each EU state. Manufacturers will have another year after state adoption to comply, which means that 2017 is about the earliest that Apple might have to change the Lightning connector

While it may be a good thing for consumers, it’s unfortunate that this sort of thing should be made into a law. When I bought my iPhone, I understood that the cable was proprietary. It means, especially with a new model, that you may be caught somewhere without a charger.

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