Heavy Production Increases Could Mean Good Holiday Quarter for Apple

iPad Air

Based on some research notes from analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitgerald, it seems that Apple is preparing for a huge holiday season.

Much of this information is based on Apple’s record performance and growth, as well as strong numbers in the supply chain (which means that demand for Apple’s products is high.)

Here’s a potion of the report:

With approximately 97% of the sales now accounted for in our Apple Barometer, we estimate sales in November rose by approximately 19-20% M/M and well above the November average of up 6% over the past eight years. As such, we believe this November will prove to be the strongest in the history of our Apple Barometer.

Apple does well every holiday season. That’s no surprise, but we’ve been hearing a lot about the iPad’s Black Friday sales numbers.

Looks like Apple has a lot to be happy for this holiday season.

[via MacRumors]

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